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Rudolf Iseli


Having completed both the Diploma in Landscape Design and the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture through Unitec, Rudolf has a sound grounding in design theory and techniques; has gained a wide scope of practical design experience working with a range of designers in both residential and commercial contexts and at varying scales, refining his eye for the human scale.


Rudolf’s design practice responds to the environment and the context of projects, movement, activation, participation of the user, colour, texture, form, contrast of all elements including plants & spatial integration.


The Salutogenic landscape approach is a strong influence in Rudolf’s design philosophy. It aims to create an environment that stimulates the mind in order to create pleasure, creativity, satisfaction and engagement, whilst supporting health and wellbeing. This approach results in Rudolf having a strong relationship-based and adaptable approach, allowing clients to take ownership whilst ensuring that the original design intent is held to. This is paired with cross disciplinary skills and understanding, assists Rudi in being a critical problem solver, and being able to respond to the client, whilst being sensitive to climatic conditions & site constraints.


Rudolf’s design style is contemporary, drawing on simplicity of form, clean lines, mass plantings albeit responsive to the context of the site and architecture. Swimming pool design and integration is a specialty.

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