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It is with great sadness we share the news that Landscape Architect, Megan Wraight passed away from cancer at the age of 58.
Megan Wraight.jpg

Not only was her work of immense significance and influence but she was an open and thoughtful soul who was generous in giving her time to talk to the society and share her practise.

Her significant public projects will be part of our communities for years to come and transformed the connections between our cities and their waterfronts across the country in Taranaki, Wellington, Auckland and beyond. Her influence extended into the international community and she was awarded the highest accolade in receiving an International Federation of Landscape Architects Award.


Beyond landscape she bought regard to the profession and  her artistry was rightly recognised when she became the first landscape architect to receive an Arts Laureates. Her work showed both sensitivity to place and people and a boldness that made it sing of something new. We are all so grateful that her significant body of work and influence will resonate from the land for generations, but so sad we could not have seen where else she would have taken us. Our love as a society extends to those closest to her and we hold her in the highest regard in our hearts.


Xanthe White, President GDSNZ

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