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James Walkinshaw - Xanthe White Design


James Walkinshaw


+64 22 641 4979

James is a Senior Designer at Xanthe White Design where he has worked collaboratively with others in the team on a range of projects from small courtyard gardens to large public spaces. Over the years he has developed on his architectural training to gain experience in all aspects of the garden design process from concept development, planting design, projecting management and liaison as a lead designer on a number of projects.

James has worked on designs throughout New Zealand along with a number in Australia, Japan and Singapore. James has a passion for garden design which is site sensitive, connects with the land and is responsive to the clients needs. James believes good garden design is an opportunity to create functional, engaging outdoor spaces and also gardens with diverse and healthy plant ecologies.

A number of projects James has worked on projects which have been featured in leading New Zealand and international media.

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