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How Should You Be Deceptive?

The way to deceive opponents depends on many factors, especially their skills and playing styles. My book The Psychology of Poker extensively discusses adjusting to different types of players. Their styles are related to the stakes. As the stakes get bigger, the players become stronger, tighter, and more aggressive, but that relationship is far from perfect. You will see tight-aggressive players in small games and loose-passive players in larger ones. You must adjust to the way these opponents are playing suissecasinoenligne.com/jeux-de-casino/.

Against Loose-Aggressive Players

Don’t try to bluff them…. They call with almost anything. But what about advertising? Forget it. You don’t need to advertise to loosen them up.

Don’t try to steal their blinds or bring-ins. These attempts are even sillier since you can gain so little, but lose so much.

Bet into, raise, or check-raise them for value on the later streets. If you think that you have the best hand, overplay it.

Invite them to bluff. They love to bluff. In fact, many of them get a much bigger kick from bluffing than from winning with the best hand.

Check-raise frequently. A check-raise is much less risky and more profitable than with any other player…. The danger that everyone will check behind you is obviously reduced, and the profits are greater because many people would fold if you bet, but call if he bets.

Slow play big hands. They will get much more action than you will, so let them make the pot.

Against Loose-Passive Players

Bet and raise for value with weak or questionable hands. You can bet quite weak hands for value because they will call with even weaker ones.

Don’t bluff…. It will probably fail because an LPP [loose-passive player] is going to call you with all but the most hopeless hands.

Don’t try to check-raise because they will usually check behind you.

Don’t slow play big hands…. People may not bet or raise…. You will lose money on this round and increase the chances of someone’s drawing out on you.