Passing of Paul Cullen


It is with sadness that we heard that Paul Cullen died on Monday evening (13 March). Paul served on the GDSNZ Accreditation Board as the required practitioner from another discipline from 2006 to 2012.

Paul served the Accreditation Board with diligence, thoroughness, intelligence and professionalism. He held to high standards and considered each tendered portfolio and interview with care and thoughtfulness. His design knowledge and contribution to the Board was greatly valued.

Paul was a multi-media artist who did a wide range of works, often large installations which filled gallery spaces even to the ceiling. He often explored the way we understand, interpret and represent science and technical issues, and the relationship of these with art. His work could also be very intellectually challenging. His work had also included some garden design – in this video on rooftop at Te Papa Museum

He exhibited in many galleries both here and overseas over many years. Recently one of his last works was in the Sculpture on the Gulf at Waiheke (see clip of his assembly below). Paul was also a teacher, researcher and writer, having taught for many years at both Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) and at Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

Click here to see another video of Paul.



Paul was highly creative, extraordinarily productive, quiet, intelligent, and personable with an unassuming dry wit. He will be sorely missed, especially by his students, colleagues and friends.