NEW Accredited Members - Natasha Iyer, Zoe Carafice & James Walkinshaw


Congratulations to Natasha Iyer, Zoe Carafice and James Walkinshaw in their successful applications to become accredited members of the GDSNZ!

All three candidates are from Xanthe White Design. The Board were impressed with the high standard of the portfolios presented and projects implemented.

This group all benefitted greatly from peer mentorship as a group and from Xanthe herself. It was clear that a healthy studio culture provides a collegial atmosphere with critique and dialogue between designers and that this had led to fullsome design process being demonstrated and a positive consistency in portfolio standards. There were a wide range of projects presented, from small inner city heritage homes, through larger suburban sites and one rural subdivision. This larger scale project required a greater ecological understanding and a new set of technical requirements.

One of the candidates expressed a desire to develop a greater awareness of a Māori world view and to adopt a consultative approach. The Board notes that it is appropriate for designers to culturally engage in any situation in Aotearoa NZ (as expressed in the new GDSNZ Ethics Policy), and intend to raise this as a professional development issue with the accredited membership.

It was gratifying to hear canditates express their appreciation of the GDSNZ accreditation process as a vehicle to reflect on their journey developing design thinking and practice.

The interviews highlighted the distinct discipline that garden design is (as compared to Landscape Architecture) and the need to support the society in protecting and promoting good practice in this art.