2016 Christmas Party


Review: Christmas Party at Sal Gordon's beautiful garden along with neighbouring Cheshire and Gunn gardens at 5 Winn Road, Ponsonby on 3 December 2016

The 2016 GDSNZ Christmas party held on Saturday afternoon at Sal Gordon's house was an absolute triumph and a wonderful way to wrap 2016 - which we would all agree has been a hugely successful year for the Society.

Sal wanted to have the last word about the event, so has asked that we share her thanks below ...

Hi all

I just wanted to let you know from the host perspective what an absolutely fantastic events committee the society has.

They were such a well oiled machine. Fun friendly group who made the afternoon a great success, you probably didn't see the details that they dealt with as it was so well executed it, appeared seamless. Right down to taking away all the rubbish so my bin didn't smell of mussels, tables lugged in and out, wine glasses ferried home so you didn't have to deal with plastic, money changing hands at the rate of knots and all accounted for.

Plus we all had a fab meal and deserts for next to nothing

They are AMAZING!

Should I ever need to have a party I am hiring this team!

Special thanks from me to Marg for the beautiful gladioli and to Heather for the gorgeous sweet peas and those who left some wine...

Thanks to Jill's daughter and husband for great music...

To Deb for the slinky undergarments...

And of course the complete star of the show was Ann's grandson Ollie...

Come again anytime


Photos below courtesy of Isabelle Williams (Cote France).

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National Committee

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