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Garden: Watling St, Mt Eden

The garden went through three design renditions before it was begun. It had to express the ‘wonderfulness’ of the house within and to create a connection with the street. The garden is essentially turned inside out with much of the colour and folly on offer for all to enjoy. The pool garden is the main living space and the back garden extends the inside classroom with fruit trees, potagers and a playful greenhouse for the family’s children who are home schooled. The garden is a collaboration between the owner, an interior designer who is highly involved in choosing furnishings and making bold gestures of colour on the walls, creating a playful background for Xanthe to work from. The result is a garden which attempts to be both elegant and playful, as well as visually generous to the neighbourhood.


Xanthe White is one of New Zealand’s most highly regarded landscape designers. Her awards include a Silver-Gilt award at the 2006 Chelsea Flower Show and Silver at the 2011 Chelsea Flower Show. She has twice been introduced to the Queen. She has also several times won Supreme award for design, Supreme award for construction, Supreme award for lighting as well as Gold, Silver and People’s Choice awards at the Ellerslie Flower Show. At the 2012 Gardening World Cup in Japan, Xanthe was awarded a Gold medal as well as Best Design award.

Her Auckland-based company, Xanthe White Design, specialises in designing residential, rural and interior landscapes as well as temporary living permanent garden installations. Xanthe strongly believes sustainability can be achieved through passive design. Rather than reinventing the wheel, she believes in creating simple, functional living spaces, then filling in gaps and underused spaces as diversely as possible. Gardeners are essential to this approach as their individual tastes and interests result in cities that are a rich tapestry of life. Individuals taking an interest in their own living spaces create urban and suburban environments that are far more complex than any city planner could ever achieve.

In 2009 Xanthe wrote her first book, Organic Vegetable Gardening. She is a columnist for the New Zealand Gardener magazine. Her second book The Natural Garden explores her signature style of plant-based landscape design and she has a new book called Good Dirt coming out next year. “It is about the ‘wonderfulness’ of soil, the importance of it and how we can make the most of the different types.”

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