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Garden 1: Renall St, Freemans Bay

Set in one of Auckland’s most historic streets, Trudy settled on a Moorish garden designed to seduce the senses for this small courtyard. Inspired by a Moroccan tent, the arbour replicates the roof pitch of the cottage, while the gilded stone fountain offers reflections of gold light by night, and by day, cooling relief. The depth of space is belied with patterned screens and artwork, woven in with ‘cut-out’ glimpses of oranges and pomegranates beyond. Although formal, with oversized pots of topiary and espaliered walls, scented roses, gardenia, star jasmine and citrus provide an arresting distraction for this oasis of calm.

Garden 2: Sentinel Rd, Herne Bay

To unravel the best of its original features, this 1930’s deco house required a sympathetic garden design. The front garden is ‘on show’, although in time the port-wine magnolia hedge will create a little more privacy, supported by floriferous crab apples. With its simple, functional layout of split-level lawns, vegetable patch and flower beds, this sassy garden works well for a family of teenagers and parents who are keen gardeners with farming roots. (Spot the sheep trough!) Note the Italian Cypress and pleached Callery pear trees. Swathes of iris and foliage plants provide subjects for the owner’s love of ikebana.

Garden 3: Glanville Tce, Parnell

An established New Zealand native garden in a small space, this garden is totally unique from its neighbours. The design reflects a 20 year relationship with clients who have become close family friends. High retaining walls on the periphery presented a challenge with a desire to create a dynamic progressive space.

The clients love of NZ bush inspired Trudy to use the changing levels as platforms for cascading ferns while Chatham Island nikau rise up from the serpentine “forest floor’ to belie building heights. This garden reflects that “leap of faith” clients take on by trusting a designer to take them to new level of experience.


“Designing and building gardens is a compelling journey for me,” says Trudy. “At its best landscape design is art. It has the ability to change people’s worlds, their lives”. Trudy has been designing gardens for over 30 years. The scope of her work is vast: from intimate courtyards to farms and coastal properties; shopping centres and resorts to gardens for prime ministers. “I design on an instinctive level, beginning with a strong concept to reflect the personality of the site, the client and myself.”

Trudy is a founding member of Clean Waters to The Sea, a group dedicated to improving water quality in Doubtless Bay through riparian planting. She works throughout New Zealand.

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