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Garden 1: Lincoln St, Ponsonby

Trish has worked closely with this client over a number of years on around 6 development properties so far. “His standards are very exacting and he requires the landscaping of the properties to work spatially and be executed to a high level. We have developed a great relationship and I think we are producing an amazing product. This is his family home, well - at the moment!” she says.

The brief for the property was to maximize the space and create a dynamic landscape. “We always try to balance everything. Pool, lawn and garden ratio is discussed endlessly. But at the end of the day it all has to work and have a great energy.”

In this property, as usual, they have pushed the boundaries, beginning with a green wall that extends and creates a unique view from within the dining room. Large picture windows are focussed on bamboo palms that screen neighbours and create horticultural pictures. A perfectly formed pool, pool side, fire and entertainment area and – yes – even a balance of lawn so that the kids can be accommodated are all included. “It is hard to get everything into a Ponsonby site but I think we do achieve that.”

Garden 2: Regina St, Westmere

When designing the landscaping for this new house, Trish worked alongside architect, Jack McKinney, and the clients. They had lived on the property for a number of years and wanted to keep some of the existing planting, such as the palms in the back garden and a Nikau palm in the courtyard area. A mature titoki tree in the front was also to remain.

To complement the existing palms in the back garden, the clients wanted to develop a tropical Balinese feeling. With this in mind, Trish designed the pool with recessed planters to break up its rigid rectangular structure. By adding a fish pond between the courtyard and the house, combined with the tropical planting, she has created a unique, resort-like atmosphere.

The front garden is a series of retaining walls, clad with weathered steel, which complements the ferns, pongas, creepers and other native plants in this area.


‘…Trish Bartleet is the most original and confident designer here in Auckland…’ Design comes naturally to her and she has turned some depressingly difficult areas into highly attractive outdoor living spaces. – Rose Thodey.

Trish has worked on various projects over the years, has a strong sense of design, innovative use of materials and structural planting with distinctive contrasting combinations. Her landscapes have a strong relationship with building architecture. She is keen to stretch the boundaries and take clients outside their comfort zones. Her gardens display a New Zealand identity although not consciously intended.

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