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Franklin Rd Ponsonby

For a family of five, Trish Bartleet worked with Chris Fox, architect, to maximize space on this tight site and find room for a lawn, swimming pool, spa and outdoor fireplace. As the main living area was upstairs, Trish felt it important to create a garden that was desirable to come down into from above. Reusing some existing plants, she created screening on the boundaries and then 3 stone walls, with water feature and light boxes to raise the garden and draw the eye. Plants like cycads and bromeliads with an open wide form were chosen to look good from above. The wooden base of the spa is hidden by a raised planter and upright vertical plants like Chamaedora palms and strelitzia line the boundaries to save space. 


Victoria Avenue Remuera

Trish Bartleet’s clients wanted to develop a new garden that would work with their life style and respond to the alterations they were undertaking, designed to develop a good relationship between inside and out. Some significant existing plants were kept as they provided height and balance, including a Phoenix, Trachycarpus and Queen Palms. Likewise, some of the interesting boulders were used for the entry garden and also for an internal boundary wall. To hide a large wooden retaining wall across the back of the site, Trish created a Bromeliad wall to add softening, interest and colour all year round, a retreat from the wind and a visual feast from the kitchen. 

 ‘...Trish Bartleet is the most original and confident designer here in Auckland...’ Design comes naturally to her and she has turned some depressingly difficult areas into highly attractive outdoor living spaces. - Rose Thodey.

Trish has worked on various projects over the years, has a strong sense of design, innovative use of materials and structural planting with distinctive contrasting combinations. Her landscapes have a strong relationship with building architecture. She is keen to stretch the boundaries and take clients outside their comfort zones. Her gardens display a New Zealand identity although not consciously intended.


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