Tony Murrell

Tony Murrell


Tony Murrell Garden Design 


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Wynne Gray Avenue Stonefields

Designer Tony Murrell understood and interpreted the clients’ brief as a request for ‘grand designs’ on a not-so-grand scale. At the first meeting the clients apologized for their desolate 70 square metres of garden space to which he responded: “Ah a blank canvas on which I can paint". That put them at ease and this became an exercise in maximum space utilization. Their brief also included practicalities which were very important to each of them. For her, somewhere to hang the washing out and for him, easy access to a salad greens garden combined with ease of maintenance. They both wanted an entertaining area and contemplative space that could be admired and used year-round and this inspired Tony to design the outdoor dining room and grand garden room.  

I have been designing and installing gardens in Auckland and around New Zealand for many years.

I love this city and what we can grow in it. Some of you will recognize my name from garden books and TV gardening shows that I have appeared on and hosted too. I have a real passion for homes and gardens, that will never change; my philospphy for garden design has matured over the years and I can hand on heart say that good practical design that has strong sustainable ethics will stand you and me in good stead for the future. At the ripe age of 43 and with 25 years experience under my belt I remain and always will, extremely happy with my childhood passion that has opened so many doors.



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