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Tony Murrell


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Garden: Victoria Ave, Remuera

Tony really enjoyed working with the owners of this garden which he thought at first looked great and wondered why they wanted to change anything, with a lovely pool out front and a collection of healthy roses that featured the wonderful climber, Graham Thomas, one of David Austin’s creations. Their conversation concluded that the pool was to be filled in and more garden and lawn areas would take over the newly created space. Visitors will notice that yellow features high on the owner’s list - she even painted the house a lovely warm reflective yellow that not only suits the architecture of the home but also looks wonderful with a foil of green plants.

This is one of Tony’s gardens that features in a list of those more than 5 years old and he is thrilled that today it looks much older. Now in three distinctive rooms with three distinctive characters; the lawn rectangular and flanked with classic plantings of topiary and perennial interest while the procession walk down the front steps to the rose arbour is thrilling at all times of the year. One of his favourite parts of the garden is the formal grid layout of Dragon stone "Tulip pots” or partier garden. These pots were originally planted with citrus trees but unfortunately that did not last due to higher maintenance requirements of re-potting every two years along with summer watering regimes and feeding due to containment. The old main entrance gate now services as a utility area for home bins and trade access and is hard to believe that this longer and more indirect way to the front door served for many years until he came on the scene. Last year Tony was invited to a garden birthday party here and he loved how all areas of the garden were filled with friends and family enjoying plants and shade and intimacy.


I have been designing and installing gardens in Auckland and around New Zealand for many years. I love this city and what we can grow in it. Some of you will recognize my name from garden books and TV gardening shows that I have appeared on and hosted too. I have a real passion for homes and gardens, that will never change; my philospphy for garden design has matured over the years and I can hand on heart say that good practical design that has strong sustainable ethics will stand you and me in good stead for the future. At the ripe age of 43 and with 25 years experience under my belt I remain and always will, extremely happy with my childhood passion that has opened so many doors.


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