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Tim Friday


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Construction: Adrian Friday, Take It Outside


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Garden: 2/28 Tennyson Street, Balmoral

Tim Friday and Adrian Fry’s client wanted a garden that could accommodate regular staff functions for her team of employees, besides a useable outdoor space with catering facilities where she could entertain friends and family. Low garden maintenance was also a requirement because of the client’s busy schedule. The challenge was to make the small garden into a series of practical spaces with a range of intimacy without making it appear too small and enclosed. As the only access to the property is through the garden a segregation of space was necessary between the entrance and the garden area without losing useable party space


Wherever you reside, your garden is an important part of your home.

Whether it offers you peace and tranquility, beauty; provides a place for entertaining or relaxing; or simply says something about you - a professional landscape from Take It Outside will give you years of pleasure. The Take It Outside partnership of Adrian Fry and Tim Friday has created mind-blowing landscapes all over the world. From serene suburban retreats to ambitious public earthworks and everything in between, the portfolio shows a breathtaking variety of creative vision. Expertise in many areas of design and construction is sure to leave you feeling delighted with your new garden. Whatever your particular requirements, Take It Outside can help.

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