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Garden 1: Heather Street, Parnell

This garden is small and in two parts, and, as with all small gardens, it presents some very specific challenges. The client wanted to create a private sanctuary and to fit a lot into the space without it feeling crowded. In the end, the key to achieving this was the use of old-fashioned lime hogging, which joins the spaces of the old and new houses together, making it a restful, flowing environment. The theme is the same throughout but without losing the surprises presented by each new space.

Pascal Tibbits coordinated the installation, mainly using the client’s builder, Dave Mclaren. Challenges included completing the garden the day before the owner’s daughter’s wedding was held there, but team work was the key to success.

Garden 2: Peacock Street, Glendowie

Pascal was asked to design and present this unique garden, alongside the house renovation, as part of a new TV series ‘Kiwi Dream Home’. The site was an eclectic jungle of plants and needed to be opened up and connected to the beautiful sea views with outdoor living areas and entertainment spaces.

The Installation was carried out by Natural Habitats under Pascal’s design direction and punctuated by filming sessions. The site presented some real challenges especially for machinery access, but the team pushed through and showed a remarkable sensitivity to the flowing design ideas. 

Pascal began his professional career in architectural design, running a small practice in central Auckland. Although he has not given up his architectural work, it has been eclipsed by his work as a landscape designer. During a 16-year partnership with Suzanne Turley, he worked on some of New Zealand’s finest properties. For these, he provided his unique and handcrafted concepts to much acclaim. In 2011 Pascal teamed up with Natural Habitats as an independent senior designer and, with the greater resources of this iconic company, his reputation for fine design has continued to grow.

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