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Murray Reid


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Garden: Green St, St Mary's Bay

Designed at the same time as the new living space to work with the internal design to promote seamless transitions from indoor to outdoor spaces, this garden is a response to downsizing and how we can preserve elements of the traditional kiwi section in smaller plots. Referencing the traditional backyard, the lawn dominates, complemented by a vegetable plot and vertical herb garden. Large planters give space for flowers and there is a patio for entertaining in summer. The backyard shed has survived, but with a modern twist. Planting is simple and hardy, giving the lushness needed without monopolising space.


While I have designed and built gardens in different styles across New Zealand, my current interest is in how to design the traditional features of the Kiwi plot into the smaller spaces that increasingly typify urban living.

Any memorable garden is the result of collaboration between designer and home owners, whatever the scale, and I like to work with my clients to achieve what they want within the varied parameters each situation presents.

I enjoy combining the elements of hard landscaping with effective planting as I have a strong interest in how plants are used.This is especially important in smaller spaces, where thoughtful plant choice and placement can mean a successful combination of aesthetic and production values.

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