Margaret Chapman

Margaret Chapman


Magenta Landscapes 


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Islington Street Ponsonby

Installation: Silverfern Landscapes

This very small city site had well-proportioned existing spaces. The client’s desire was to ‘create a more contemporary, slightly ‘funky’ feel from the street and a courtyard space easy to maintain and be in.’ Boundary treatments were redefined to create visual privacy, with plant textures and colours simplified for maximum impact. In the courtyard, timber bench seating and an overhead screen provides a comfortable, inviting outdoor entertaining space with a corten steel panel as a dramatic focal point.

magenta landscapes is a landscape design business working in both the residential and commercial sectors of greater Auckland.


Margaret Chapman, principal designer, is committed to creating sustainable gardens using a mix of native and exotic plants to create spaces that are visually appealing yet functional. Designs are developed to reflect the needs of the client integrating built elements with theplanted landscape.


Whether the project is an inner city courtyard or country garden, water feature or swimming pool, productive garden or revegetation planting; the result is the same – a unique outdoor space to be lived in and enjoyed.

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