Jenny Pullar

Jenny Pullar


PostGrad Cert Engineering (Illumination), Tech ies,
Accredited Member Landscaping New Zealand


09 820 3520


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Garden: Entrican Ave, Remuera

Lighting Design by Jenny Pullar for Landscape designed by Fiona Kelly, with Planting Design by Barbara Garrett

This project evolved in stages over a period of nearly 3 years. By being involved from early on in the construction phase, it was possible to make provision for wall, pergola, pole and house mounted fittings for area lighting and to give good coverage of the numerous flights of stairs necessary on the steep site.

One well-placed light (with appropriate accessories) was the preferred option to light a whole set of steps, creating clean horizontal lines. Jenny says this is much more effective visually than a dozen little step lights, as well as being considerably cheaper to install.

The barbecue patio was lit with a smokey pink glow, circulation with white light and planting enhanced with green tints. Moonlight tints were used in the upper garden.

Jenny's reputation as New Zealand's leading independent Landscape Lighting Designer is well established. She has been designing lighting for residential and civic landscape projects since 2001, winning several awards in the prestigious ies Lighting Design Awards. Her Lighting Design knowledge was gained from an impressive International career in Theatre Lighting Design.

Jenny has also been designing residential gardens since 2001 with a particular interest in the use of plants in the landscape. Her background education is in architecture with more recent study in Landscape Design. Jenny is a keen gardener with extensive plant knowledge, specialising in Planting Design.

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