Jenny Pullar

Jenny Pullar


PostGrad Cert Engineering (Illumination), Tech ies,
Accredited member Landscaping New Zealand


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Centennial Place Campbells Bay
Lignting design by Jenny Pullar for Karen Wealleans-designed garden

Barlow Place Birkenhead
Lighting Design by Jenny Pullar for Lyndell Shannon-designed garden

Centennial Place Campbells Bay

By being involved in this project early while the house build was still underway, it was possible to have house-mounted adjustable light fittings to softly top light key areas for a more natural look. (The sun does not shine out of the ground). This was supplemented with light fittings through some garden beds for shadow play & highlights. Smokey pink tints were used in lights for deck & pool areas for a flattering warm glow! Green tints were used for a more subtropical feel to the raised bed above the pool. Recessed blue LEDS mark out the deck edges.


Barlow Place Birkenhead

Ugly sensor lights on buildings walls were replaced with controlled beam adjustable halogens as well as post-mounted positions, used for soft area lighting.  When combined with a spreader lens the entry steps could then be clearly highlighted with only 1 light.  Silver ferns at each end of the garden were uplit with blue-tinted lenses for a more moonlight feel. This also provided adequate reflected light for the entry bridge & front door.


Jenny's reputation as New Zealand's leading independent Landscape Lighting Designer is well established. She has been designing lighting for residential and civic landscape projects since 2001, winning several awards in the prestigious ies Lighting Design Awards. Her Lighting Design knowledge was gained from an impressive International career in Theatre Lighting Design.

Jenny has also been designing residential gardens since 2001 with a particular interest in the use of plants in the landscape. Her background education is in architecture with more recent study in Landscape Design. Jenny is a keen gardener with extensive plant knowledge, specialising in Planting Design.


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