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Garden: 20 Ohinerau Street, Remuera

As the needs of their growing family changed, Gudrun Fischer’s clients called her back to re-design their terraced garden to incorporate a swimming pool, spa and outdoor dining area with barbeque and fireplace. The tight space is surrounded by high hedges that provide much-needed privacy, so the work had to be achieved without jeopardising their future. Now the family looks out onto a streamlined pool with strikingly beautiful turquoise tiles while the washing lines and utility areas are cleverly hidden behind a trellis fence. A low corokia hedge underscores the imposing waterhousia screen, and a combination of dwarf mondo grass and rain lilies sets the stage for star players Alcantarea imperialis ‘Rubra’ in large planter boxes.

Auckland-based company Gudrun Fischer Outdoor Design offers design services for residential and commercial areas. Principal designer Gudrun Fischer has had 12 years of experience in Europe designing and managing the development of residential and commercial properties.

Her 22 years of experience in New Zealand has included adapting her design skills to work with the Kiwi way of life, including extensive outdoor living, swimming pools, spa pools and BBQ areas. Gudrun has expanded her knowledge to include New Zealand’s unique constellation of native vegetation, Auckland’s subtropical climate and soil types ranging from sand to clay. Her design skills are in perfect harmony with New Zealand's climate, plants, architecture and council regulations. Gudrun believes in working with each individual client's needs. She aims to work harmoniously with existing architecture to create an atmosphere that unifies existing buildings and extended scenery, perceiving outdoor areas as an extension of interior living spaces; a transition between the interior and the wider landscape.

She does not have a one-size-fits-all design approach. Instead she aims to create a well-balanced flow from indoor to outdoor areas which is influenced by architecture and the environment and adapted to individual clients’ requirements. Her company works with specialists, including pool and landscape contractors, engineers, town planners, architects, sculptors, ceramic artists and blacksmiths in the design and implementation of each job. 

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