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Fiona Kelly


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Garden: Entrican Ave, Remuera

Hardscape: Fiona Kelly

It all started with a request for a design that would address a drainage problem in the rear, incorporate a pool and spa and improve the outdoor dining experience.

Because of the site’s challenging geography, the pool was bedded into the bank and elevated to reduce soil excavation, retaining walls were built and the drainage was addressed. Staircases and fencing were cleverly designed to minimise visual impact and allow easy access around the property. To soften and soothe, layers of planting were formed around the mid-level with a lush green flat lawn on the upper level. The BBQ terrace and a pool cabana created a better outdoor entertainment space.

A new staircase with materials and colours that complement existing house features was designed at the front of the property to replace the original, steep concrete stairs. A pedestrian path and gate improved access from the road. Subtle security fencing and terraced gardens also improved functionality, safety and the visual impact of the property.

Fiona Kelly has practised as a landscape designer since 1985 and has extensive experience in all aspects of the work. Fiona attended Unitec in the mid-1990s to formalise her previous experience. She taught landscape draughting for eight years at Unitec, has owned and run several design companies and now specialises in swimming pool design. Fiona also has a small company that designs and manufactures designer gratings for the landscape and pool industry. Landscape Design is a division of this company. 

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