Bryan McDonald

Bryan McDonald


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Garden: Arney Road, Remeura

In contrast to traditional Remuera gardens of the 90s, Bryan came up with an outdoor gallery theme, with a structured South Pacific planting style for the owners of this garden. Using a series of grids, the hard landscape elements were used to mirror and exaggerate the joinery and angular lines of the house’s architecture.

Combined with boundary walls of varying textures, the result is a series of unconventional connecting spaces, or outdoor rooms, linked to the interiors. Outdoor sculptures and art pieces are deliberately framed within the landscape design elements. An installation of cube planters was added more recently to provide scope for edibles within the art yard concept.

Twenty years on, maintained by the same original owners, there is now a pleasing personalised feel, and the essence of the original design has been enhanced and preserved. 


Bryan has a lengthy history in the evolution of N.Z. landscape design: described by Designscape magazine in Wellington in 1978 as “one of N.Z’s first recognisable indigenous landscape designers”, and the author of Collins: Home Landscaping in N.Z. 1980, written in his late 20s. He has a strong reputation for innovative project design and implementation, including the ability to work with leading architects to provide design solutions in every facet of the contemporary landscape, tailored to a wide range of house styles. Coastal landscapes have become a focus over the last two decades.


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