Bryan McDonald

Bryan McDonald


Auckland Landscapes


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Garden: Norwood Road, Bayswater

Bryan was asked to develop an Auckland/South Pacific theme for both the hard and soft landscape elements. The Art and Crafts-style cottage had undergone major alterations resulting in surrounding bare areas and these needed to be blended with existing palms and trees. Access from the street required improvement and this involved replacing the network of sloping asphalt paths, including the connections to the waterfront. Overall unity of planting was also required, including shaping vistas of the city over the water with selective tree removal, pruning and replanting.

The bulk of this work was carried out in the mid-late 90s, with further development and excellent maintenance since that period. As a result this coastal garden now represents a skilful blend of old and new, incorporating elements of the Art & Crafts theme with volcanic stone walls and kerbs, looped tracks and paths, reinforcing the hand-made quality of the dwelling. A series of boardwalks beneath a canopy of palms opens out into a contemporary outdoor living area by the house. At the bottom of the garden the old jetty has been rebuilt and unwanted vegetation cleared to make the most of the expansive views across the harbour to the city.

Bryan prefers a hands-on approach and project managed the whole project with his contract construction team. He also supplied all of the palms and plants, most of which were grown in his own plant nursery.

Bryan has a lengthy history in the evolution of N.Z. landscape design: described by Designscape magazine in Wellington in 1978 as “one of N.Z’s first recognisable indigenous landscape designers”, and the author of Collins: Home Landscaping in N.Z. 1980, written in his late 20s. He has a strong reputation for innovative project design and implementation, including the ability to work with leading architects to provide design solutions in every facet of the contemporary landscape, tailored to a wide range of house styles. Coastal landscapes have become a focus over the last two decades.


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